Fashion After Flood

We live in a dynamic and constantly evolving landscape where the only certainty seems to be uncertainty. In less than 15 years, a different reality already presents itself with unknown environments, values, needs, and challenges.

With the multidisciplinary collaboration Taskforce Fashion, FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion investigate the role designers can play in new realities and explore how fashion can create impact and awareness for future issues and climate change through various activities.

The first activity is Fashion After Flood, in which fifteen designers are invited to reflect through the eyes of fashion on the rising sea level.


If climate change continues at its current pace, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam will disappear completely under water in the year 2300*.

By then, The Veluwe has become an island, giving refuge to Arnhem, Ede and Apeldoorn. Maastricht has become a hub for coastal towns such as Tilburg and Eindhoven. This future scenario - which received public attention earlier this year via Vrij Nederland - outlines a possible reality that requires not only imagination, but also solutions for new forms of society, business models and design practices.

*scenario Dr. Kim Cohen - Utrecht University



Testing the waters

During four months, Taskforce Fashion challenges the participating designers to reflect on the impact of their work, to use their knowledge, vision and expertise to investigate how fashion can be of value from this future perspective.


From various angles - as a designer, as a Dutch person, as a human being - the teams look at the future of these cities through the eyes of fashion and develop innovative ideas and solutions that will accelerate thinking about a future with water. 

— FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE & State of Fashion



As true time travelers, the designers are encouraged to translate the process and their findings, experiences, knowledge and ideas gained during Fashion After Flood into possible answers for the future and into relevant questions about their current practice and the fashion system of today.

Follow their journey online and discover how fashion designers can enrich a future reality based on their ambitions, ideas and intended social impact.







On Sunday 3 November 2019, Taskforce Fashion initiators FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion, together with the participating fashion designers and team supervisors, will reveal the interim results and ideas of the Fashion After Flood pilot. In a unique theatrical setting, everyone can personally experience the results of the research as a reality.

The official presentation is only accessible to invited guests, and takes place in collaboration with the Jan van Eyck Academy during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 in Maastricht. At the end of November, the research will also be shared online.